Broadcast Showreel

A creative and flexible film director experienced in a variety of genres. Consistently regarded as a reliable, versatile and resourceful programme maker who has worked across some of BBC1’s key brands as well corporate and online productions. Experienced in the live, studio and recorded environment. Most content self shot and show reel self edited in…

The BBC Summer Social 2019

Highlights of the BBC Summer Social which took place at Croxteth Park in Liverpool in August 2019. © BBC

Eco Stained Glass

Andrew Seddon has been working with stained glass for over 25 years and has produced and restored windows in hundreds of churches. 90% of the glass and lead is recycled. Self shot on an FS7 Release date: 03 March 2019 © BBC/Avanti Media/Nine Lives Media

Richard Coles

The Rev Richard Coles talks about his battle with depression and how his faith has helped him. © BBC/Avanti Media/Nine Lives Media

World Transplant Games – Songs of Praise

Songs of Praise – Young Christian Luke Alexander is competing as part of team GB at the World Transplant Games Federation, but he’s been on a painful journey to get there. Self shot on an FS7 © BBC/Avanti Media/Nine Lives Media

Aliyah – Heaven and Earth

Many people consider emigrating to start a new life in a new country. Sometimes it’s for the weather, sometimes to be with family, but for one group of people, it’s for more spiritual reasons. Since it’s formation in 1948, Israel has had an open door policy for Jews from all over the world who want…

Stargazing LIVE OB Inserts

These are the 3 OB inserts from the Stargazing LIVE event at Royal Holloway, University of London on Thursday 9th January 2014. There were 6,000 people at this event and I used students from the Physics Department to to draw out the Great Bear, using a technology developed by BBC Research and Development called “Light…